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Why You Need a Multifaceted Marketing Campaign

Did you know that it takes an average of 8 touchpoints to engage a potential customer? Marketing touchpoints refer to each time potential customers come into contact with your brand. And no matter what type of business you have, the fewer customers see your brand, the less likely they’ll convert. If you’ve been struggling with a marketing strategy that doesn’t yield results, then a multifaceted marketing campaign is the perfect solution.

By reaching more people multiple times, you’re giving your business a huge visibility boost that gives you an edge over your competition.

If you’re ready to get your brand in front of more ideal customers, keep reading. Our guide has everything you need to know about the benefits of having a multifaceted marketing campaign.

What Is a Multifaceted Marketing Campaign?

In a multifaceted marketing campaign, you target customers using multiple fronts. These can be print ads, digital ads, social media campaigns, emails, direct mail flyers, and outdoor ads like bus stop ads, banners, and yard signs.

A multifaceted marketing campaign uses any combination of these channels.

6 in 10 salespeople don’t change their marketing strategy once they’ve found one that works. Similarly, you may be used to marketing using only one channel because it worked for you before. But don’t assume that this strategy will be the best strategy forever.

You don’t want to risk your entire marketing budget on one idea that might not work. Instead, a multifaceted approach increases your chances of connecting with customers and staying top of mind.

Not only do consumer habits change, but your competition is always evolving to stay on top of trends. And if your business doesn’t keep up, you risk customers forgetting about you and going to your competitors instead.

Now that we’ve covered exactly what a multifaceted marketing campaign is, let’s dive into the benefits of this strategy.

Reach New People

Whether you’re a new business or you’re already established, you may not be reaching enough new customers.

A multifaceted approach helps to build brand awareness as new people see your brand for the first time. This is the first step in getting leads to convert into paying (and hopefully repeated) customers.

When you reach new people, you’re planting seeds in their minds. They’ll know how your brand can help them so they keep it in mind when they need a solution for their problem.

When you’re reaching new people, you also need to think about how much competition is in the area.

For example, if you’re a local dentist, figure out how many other dentists are in your area. In a case where you have a lot of local competition, it will help you to keep your advertising frequent and consistent.

You also want to see how your marketing can stand out from that of your competitors. Do your competitors all use the same colors in their ads? Is their messaging similar? Is there a marketing channel they’re ignoring?

When you figure out how your business can stand out, your marketing will do a better job. It will do this by reaching new people and building the brand awareness that’s vital for converting leads.

Find the Right Customers

One of the biggest benefits of a multifaceted marketing strategy is its ability to help you reach the right customers for your brand.

Perhaps you made a customer persona when you started your business. But now, you notice that no one you’re marketing to responds to your messaging.

This could be because you’re not creating marketing materials in a way that resonates with your target audience.

Imagine if you’re trying to reach your customers only by using direct mail flyers. But perhaps your target customers are from a younger demographic and respond better to social media.

In this case, you’d want to experiment with different strategies to see which ones resonate with your target audience the most. You may even find that you have a different ideal customer than you originally thought.

But if you only try one strategy at a time, it could take years to find the right strategy, and no new business can afford to wait that long.

No matter what channels work best for businesses like yours, what works for them may not be the best marketing strategy for you.

And no matter how much research you do, you need to try different marketing strategies to see what works for your business and your niche so you can find the right customers.

Stay Top of Mind

Remember that most customers won’t buy from you the first time they encounter your brand.

This is why it’s so vital to keep your marketing efforts consistent. Many companies give up after 2 or 3 contacts with potential customers, not knowing that the next contact would have resulted in a sale.

Imagine if you decide to only use a social media campaign as your marketing strategy. While potential customers may see your brand’s post in their feed, they also have a high chance of scrolling right past it.

Now let’s say you combine your social media strategy with targeted Google Ads and with out-of-home advertising like having an ad at a bus shelter.

When you use a multifaceted marketing strategy, you also save time because your marketing acts as a follow-up to your leads. This means you don’t have to spend time following up with every single lead yourself.

And even if customers don’t need your product or service at this moment, their repeated contact with your brand will help them keep it in mind the next time they need what you have to offer.

Track Successful Leads

Another huge benefit of having a multifaceted marketing campaign is that you can track your most successful leads. You can also track which channels these leads came from.

Of course, for this approach to work, you need to start your campaign, track the results, and then analyze them. So before you start, make sure you research your ideal customers and plan out a campaign based on this research.

This includes identifying your ideal customers’ demographics, what marketing channels work best for them (i.e. print, digital), and what their pain points are.

Make sure to pick at least three marketing channels for your multifaceted campaign based on your research. Then, make sure you figure out how you will track your results and have those systems in place before you start.

Next, see which of the marketing channels worked best for you. If you only found one that worked, keep focusing on that. You can also experiment with other channels that you haven’t tried before.

This is important because you don’t want to rely on only one strategy. If that strategy stops working all of a sudden, you’ll be in a panic trying to find a new strategy that works.

But if you stick with multifaceted marketing, you’ll have a good number of effective strategies ready to go if you need to pivot your marketing campaign.

You can also use your findings to make sure your messaging is consistent. Otherwise, you’ll confuse your audience as to what your brand’s about and what you can offer potential customers.

If you’re using online ads as a part of your marketing strategy, you can also use your findings to figure out when the best time and frequency of ads is for optimal conversions.

What To Consider Before Starting

Before you start your multifaceted marketing campaign, you need to consider a few important factors.

First, you want to look at your current marketing strategy. Are you using multiple marketing channels or only one? What channels might you try based on your existing customers?

You also need to think about whether you’re already tracking your leads. This includes referrals as well.

And if you’ve had some success finding customers, find out which of your current marketing channels is working best. Think about surveying your current customers to ask them how they found out about your business.

The reason you want to think about all these questions is that you need to see what your current marketing strategy lacks. You can then think about creative and effective ways to reach your audience.

When you figure this out, you can think about what strategies you can add to best reach your audience. Don’t forget to include how you will stand out from your competition in your new marketing strategy.

Ready To Start Your Multifaceted Marketing Campaign?

A multifaceted marketing campaign is one of the best ways to get your business in front of more people and stand out from your competition.

It also helps you make sure you’re not relying on only one marketing strategy should you need to pivot.

If you want to create a multifaceted marketing campaign but don’t know where to start, Frontline Media Solutions can help.

Our full-service digital marketing agency focuses on our clients’ needs and goals. So if you’re ready to stop struggling and find the right customers for your business, contact us today.

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