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Types of Out-of-Home Advertising

When thinking of marketing your products or services, digital, in-home, or web-based advertising may be what first comes to mind, but these aren’t the only result-driven ways to endorse your brand. Depending on your target audience and budget, outdoor advertising may be much more beneficial for your marketing campaign. According to Trailerad, 68% of consumers claim that their purchasing decisions are made in the car. If you are interested in investing in outdoor advertising, here is a list of popular types of outdoor ads you should know about.

  • Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are one of the most effective and popular forms of outdoor advertising, especially in more populated cities. Often seen on the sides of buses or overtop of cars, mobile billboards are constantly on the move to reach more commuters and consumers passing by. This type of advertising provides high visibility for your marketing campaigns as they travel through different locations and are placed where consumers are likely to observe closely.

  • Sign Walkers & Sign Holders

Sometimes referred to as human billboards or sign spinners, human directionals are a form of outdoor advertising that is a great way to target locations that are not a good fit for ground signs. Employees typically hold large promotional signs in key locations to attract attention from potential customers. This advertising method is an effective way to direct consumers to the exact location of a sales promotion.

  • Outdoor Yard Signs

Ground signs or outdoor advertising signs are a cost-effective way to market to the local community and lead customers to your business. Ground signs are placed around the business and at major intersections for high visibility. Highly visible ground signs can make a significant impact because they help with brand recognition within the community.

Point of sale displays are known to be highly effective for a variety of industries, especially those that focus on sales. While there are various options for outdoor advertising, finding the one that is right for your business can be daunting. Utilizing a marketing solutions company helps to prevent any uncertainty you may have about this decision. If you are looking for a company that puts its focus on an organization’s marketing needs, Frontline Media Solutions is one that you can trust. Frontline Media Solutions offers outdoor advertising services like ground signs, sign walkers, mobile billboards, and more. Our advertising methods will catch the attention of your target market and deliver a positive experience they will associate with your brand for years to come.

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