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Content Marketing

Content marketing is the act of providing useful content to audiences in order to keep them informed and stay top of mind. Content marketing is highly-effective for brands that wish to maintain a steady awareness of their sales events. While some of our clients contact us for going out of business (GOB) sales events, many others are doing very well and continue to have holiday and seasonal events every year.

You might be surprised how many individuals will opt-in to receive content that is valuable to them such as event announcements, coupons and other information of interest to your customers. We are experienced in collecting these audience’s information and even matching it with third party data to create broader in-market audiences that have expressed interest in your particular type of product. If our other digital marketing and outdoor advertising services are the cake for event sales promotion, consider content marketing the cherry on top for on going awareness of your sales events. If you would like to learn more about our content marketing services or any of our other services, contact an account executive today.


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