Out-of-Home Advertising for Marketing Campaigns

Out-of-Home Advertising for Marketing Campaigns

Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) refers to any form of media that consumers are exposed to outside of their residences. Whether it’s through billboards, street furniture, transit, or other event or place-based advertising, OOH advertising campaigns are meant to capture the attention of a broad array of consumers and deliver a powerful message all within a short period of time. Because of the time-limited exposure consumers have to OOH ads, it’s imperative to intuitively design adverts to effectively sell a brand or a product.


Why use Out-of-Home Advertising?

There are a multitude of reasons to include OOH advertising in your marketing strategy. Whether it’s because you would like to reach a specific market or your product is based on a specific location, many companies rightfully believe OOH ads can reach thousands of potential consumers, fast. A few of the benefits that OOH advertising has when compared to traditional media (radio, TV, etc.):

  1. Control – One of the most powerful aspects of OOH advertising is the amount of control that it can offer. Rather than being consumer-controlled (where a consumer has the option to ‘swipe’ or click-out of the advertisement), OOH ads are often leased out in locations where exposure is maximized. This makes it relatively difficult to ignore OOH ads and offers companies control of determining where their consumers will be more likely to see their ad.


  1. Customization – OOH ads are placed in varying locations that reach a plethora of markets. This makes it significantly convenient for the brand seeking exposure as it allows their marketing content to be tailored to a location and to a specific consumer. As an example, if a brand is looking to sell suitcases through OOH ads, it would make sense to place the ad inside of an airport rather than in a subway car. Likewise, if a firm is attempting to market to young professionals, placing an OOH ad near downtown restaurants makes more sense than placing the ad on a billboard in a nearby suburb.


  1. Visibility – Last but not least, visibility guarantees offer a brand a sense of stability and predictability when marketing via OOH ads. These guarantees typically come in different forms (traffic counts, transit ridership, annual number of airport visitors, etc.) but they all essentially give a company or brand the option of choosing how much exposure they want their advertisement to get. As you are implementing your OOH advertising strategy, it’s critical to consider your market when determining visibility. While an airport that receives 50 million annual visitors might seem like a good choice for any ad, perhaps a smaller OOH ad campaign that focuses on public transit has the potential to provide a greater return simply because of your market.  

Overall, Out-of-Home advertisement campaigns can be effective, challenging, and provide a large return-on-investment. However, it’s imperative to the success of an OOH advertisement that a brand carefully consider their market, the campaign’s budget, and their advertisements’ design. Because OOH ad campaigns require significant attention to detail and expert decision-making, it’s critical to consult with marketing experts that can lead your company in the right direction and ensure that your OOH marketing campaign is successful and impactful.


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