New Website Complete

After a few months of design and redesign the website is finally complete. We now have an example sign gallery, this sign blog, and a new client reporting and surveying system.

Frontline Media Solutions is also offering the new service of voice message broadcasting. This is a great way to communicate an upcoming event or promotion from targeted local areas to truly broad casting.

Client Reporting System

Client reporting lets the managers of the individual locations to log in to our website and input weekend results into our database. This allows companies to keep track of the sign walkers and sign drivers in a much more efficient way.

With our new database, reports will be submitted and then propagate through out the client company’s regional structure. This means that the store manager can only see their own reports, while regional managers can access all reports within their region, and the president, or CEO, can view all reports from all regions.

Once in the database, reports can be sorted and extracted to common file formats.

This new system will allow you to forget using the fax machine to send the sign reports up the corporate ladder. Save time and money by leveraging the internet to do all the heavy lifting.