Local Liquidation Sales

We are living in times when it is difficult to successfully start and maintain a business. Even organizations with a long track record of success are closing their doors due to difficult economic circumstances. One industry may suffer while another flourishes.

Liquidations happen to be another one of Frontline Media Solutions’ original core competencies. We will provide your liquidation organization with the indoor and outdoor sign portion of your closing events. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on placing your advertising in the correct locations to maximize sales results. Every liquidation that Frontline facilitates, 100% placement, and efficiency is our goal. Our placement specialists are the highest paid in the industry because they are highly trained and skilled in the art of directing traffic to your locations.

Frontline Media Solutions understands that sign installation directly affects the image of the liquidator and their clients. We always conduct business with our client’s interests in mind allowing for a long-term relationship that Frontline Media Solutions values.