How to Advertise a Going Out of Business Sale

When deciding how to advertise your going out of business sale it is important that you choose an efficient marketing strategy because, frankly, it may be your last sale.

In the eHow.com article, How to Advertise a Going-Out-of-Business Sale, the author recommends using outdoor signage and sign walkers (human directionals) because he understands how much value is added to a marketing strategy through creating awareness with ground signs and sign walkers. The specific recommendations from the article are:

Place signs along the road. Make the print large and bold to attract as many customers as possible. Use the words, “Going Out of Business” to bring in the most customers possible.

Visibility, visibility, visibility. Signs with large letters and bold colors attract attention. Placing ground signs in your local community generates awareness of the sales promotion and creates the sense of an event. We’ve seen it work over and over again.

Hire sign holders. Make signs on poster board and secure them to yard sticks. Hire someone to stand by the road and wave the sign.

The concept behind this recommendation is good, but the application seems a bit terrible. Attract attention with a sign walker, great idea! Luckily, with Frontline Media Solutions you won’t need poster board or yard sticks. Our signs are professionally made of corrugated plastic, the colors are bold and contrasting to maximize visibility, and the sticks are five feet longer than a yard.

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