Direct Response Campaigns

We utilize a variety of direct response advertising tactics when implementing direct response marketing campaigns for sales events. The goals for every sales event are simple:

  1. Build awareness throughout qualified audiences
  2. Drive qualified traffic to these sales events
  3. Track the success of every campaign as closely as possible.


Our Approach to Direct Response Advertising for Sales Events

Campaign Preparation

Your investment would start with ensuring your business is ready to handle traffic and that we are ready to track as much of that traffic as possible. This would include preparing your sales team and our technology for tracking leads. Preparation might also include some updates to your digital assets such as social media, your website and/or landing page.

Digital Sales Event Awareness

Then we would start building awareness of the event using a programmatic advertising strategy that incorporates conventional media such as radio, television, and/or signage. We would have our media buying team find the right channels to promote your sales event and utilize its buying power to drive down costs for these advertisements while systematically deploying mobile billboards and drivers in your area.

Next, we would implement a digital advertising campaign that would include display advertising and inline advertising to highly targeted raw audiences while retargeting audiences that have already visited your website or another digital asset such as a social media page. Then, we would launch a Google Adwords Campaign that would allow us to target audiences in specific areas that are actively searching for relative products, events or stores that are selling your products.

Bricks & Mortar Sales Event Awareness

You should never promote a sales event without utilizing your store frontage if at all possible. When there is that opportunity, we design, print and ship eye-catching, removable window signs and weatherproof vinyl banners well before the event, so that we are leveraging your store frontage to grab attention.

Sign Walkers / Human Directionals

To ensure that we could drive even more traffic to your events, we also can deploy “sign walkers” or “sign holders” that grab attention and direct traffic in and around your area. We manage that work force through proprietary software and processes designed specifically for this type of application. We have received tremendous feedback from our clients on these gorilla tactics. All of which happen in a calculated and timely fashion.

Nationwide Capabilities

Our technology, processes and deep roots have enabled us to tap into nationwide resources that individual store owners don’t have time to accumulate. We can service any location across the United States and into Canada and we provide reporting that lets you know how many event attendants were shown your programmatic advertisements.

If you have a sales event that you would like to promote and are interested in our direct response advertising services for sales events, please contact an FMS Account Executive today by calling 828-656-2111 or fill out the form below. We look forward to speaking with you.