Direct Impact Advertising: Budget Friendly and Effective

Direct Impact Advertising: Budget Friendly and Effective

It’s striking that the sign carriers and spinners, descendants of sandwich-board men of old, are making a comeback. In this age of digital media, Facebook, company web pages, tweets, and other marketing phenomena unknown ten, or even five, years ago, they appear to be a growth business in rough times.

Why is it so effective?

One reason could be that it goes to where and when the customers are. Let me explain the when part of that statement.

According to a recent study, Americans spend more than 100 hours a year just in their work commute. That means that we spend more time driving than most of us do on vacation!

While a long commute can seem burdensome to anyone stuck in traffic, to the savvy business owner it offers a unique opportunity to advertise to a captive audience through outdoor signage. Beyond just being seen by those potential customers driving by the establishment there is the additional benefit when drivers tell their friends about seeing signs for a sale or event. This guerilla marketing technique combines tried and true word of mouth referrals and top-of-mind brand recognition. It’s a smart way to spend marketing money with immediate results.

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