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Black Friday Sales Signs for 2011

It won’t be long before the local radio station starts playing Jingle Bells, which means the holiday shopping season is upon us.

This year more than ever customers are looking for the best retail deals to help stretch their gift budget. According to an article from Portfolio.com.

65% percent of people said they are already looking for sales. More than half (56 percent) say they plan to rely on coupons and customary promotions to keep spending down.

With the average customer becoming more thrifty, businesses need to stand out from their competitors. A simple solution is professional outdoor signage.

For example, in Geneva, Illinois one business is using outdoor advertising to increase sales without breaking the bank.

“It is an easy, inexpensive way for us to put our message out there,” said Terry Emma, Director of the Geneva History Center. The city has updated its ordinances to allow more businesses to use the effective marketing technique after receiving requests.

Whether your in Illinois or elsewhere – the smart approach to increasing holiday sales is the time-tested method of direct marketing through signs.

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