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Benefits of OOH Advertising

Today, advertising is a popular and effective marketing strategy utilized by a multitude of businesses. In the United States, outdoor advertising or out-of-home advertising (OOH) is one of the fastest-growing types of traditional media, outpacing television, radio, and print. Outdoor advertising as a type of marketing strategy plays an important role all around the globe. This kind of marketing continues to provide innovative opportunities for advertisers to communicate their message and push it forward to the public.

Brand Recognition

A recent survey conducted by the Outdoor Home Marketing Association of Canada found that 78% of shoppers aged 18 to 64 stated that they have paid attention to OOH advertisements. Outdoor advertisement is effective, as it leaves consumers with a positive impression of a brand. This type of advertising also has the potential to deliver some of the most impactful messages of any other medium. The aim of OOH advertising is to educate customers about your message, brand, logo, contact information, and services in a visible and appealing way – which encourages brand recognition.

Target Specific Locations

Targeting specific locations is made simple with the use of OOH advertising – outdoor advertisements can be found in many locations, particularly in high traffic areas. Today, outdoor advertising can take the form of billboards, outdoor yard signs, sign spinners, street furniture, and mobile billboards, among others. This array of mediums allows businesses to adjust their message based on the location of their target audience. OOH advertising continues to be successful as the marketing arena welcomes change and evolution in order to stay relevant in today’s digital environment.

Attract Consumer Attention

It is typical for individuals to fixate their gaze on an outdoor sign if they are passing time in a specific location. For example, if a person is stuck in traffic or waiting on public transit, placing advertisements in their line of sight is a worthwhile way to attract their attention. Outdoor advertisements can be positioned anywhere people spend a lot of their time – in malls, gas stations, bus stops, office buildings, etc. When placed strategically, outdoor advertisements are bound to attract potential consumers.

Why You Should Choose OOH Advertising

Without a doubt, people are spending more of their time online, but that doesn’t mean all of your resources should go into online marketing. Consistent exposure to online advertisements can reduce their effectiveness over time. While oversaturation in any type of advertising may affect a company’s brand perception, OOH media tends to be more natural. Research has found that OOH advertising is useful for complementing existing marketing campaigns that utilize other types of media. While a large number of marketers may choose the clutter of online media, it’s in their best interest to instead choose impactful experiences – quality should be prioritized over quantity.

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