Amazon Promotes Sign Walking

Amazon Promotes Sign Walking

Amazon started off simply selling books on the internet. Fast forward two decades later and it has become a retail behemoth, selling everything you could ever imagine through its online marketplace. In fact, Amazon has expanded past the realm of retail, offering not only cloud computing services, but even groceries as well. They even went a step further and moved into brick and mortar, with the purchase of Whole Foods back in June 2017.

Amazon’s share of the market continues to grow in all of the areas it operates in. This is especially true of the retail categories it operates in, including sports, clothing, electronics, and personal care. Amazon is very rapidly eating away at the retail world, causing the downfall of many traditional retail businesses, both small and large.

The graph below tells you the story of Amazon’s rise to dominance and the decline of other retailers over the years.

The gap has widened dramatically and continues to widen, putting pressure on traditional retailers as they fight to compete against the giant that is Amazon. As they try to compete, their margins shrink even further, causing a rapid decline in revenue and sales.
Every bite Amazon takes out of the market reduces the retail marketplace, as the smaller retailers end up with even smaller margins. This results in businesses closing down, as they can no longer remain profitable and compete against Jeff Bezos’ giant. As more units close down, the need for sign walkers will continue to grow.

In a nutshell, Amazon is promoting sign walking with every piece of the retail marketplace it devours.
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