bondzeitA Message from the President of Frontline Media Solutions

While the content of our website shows how Frontline Media Solutions, Inc. is capable of advertising your next big sales promotion, we want you to know that our focus is on you. Your needs and goals are our primary concern and we work very hard to achieve them.

We adapt our marketing techniques to an organization's needs, which adds tremendous value to that organization. Whether a long or short-term effort is being sought after, our marketers will have the ability to develop the strategy you need.

Founded by myself and James Wieck, Frontline Media Solutions, Inc. is a marketing solutions company that brings the extra exuberance to your campaign, while simplifying the advertising process.

Successful consultations start with our respect and understanding of your organization and result in you viewing Frontline Media Solutions, Inc. as your advertising partner and trusted consultants.

Whether you are a business owner seeking the right advertising strategy to assist with your sales event, or an individual looking for a stimulating and enjoyable work experience, we want you to know we love what we do. We enjoy working with great companies and talented individuals, and we are sure you'll enjoy working with us.!



Gregory Bondzeit
Frontline Media Solutions, Inc.