While the content of our website shows how Frontline Media Solutions is capable of advertising your next big sales promotion, we want you to know that our focus is on you. Your needs and goals are our primary concern and we work very hard to achieve them.

My first job in this business was running around on the side of the road putting up hundreds of ground signs and then spending five hours a day holding a sign on the side of the road promoting furniture stores.¬† I felt like a circus act constantly waving an eight foot tall sign around for hours a day and balancing it on my chin at traffic intersections to attract attention; all in an effort to get cars to pull into my clients’ parking lots. They did… one by one.

At 18 years old, I had realized the power of advertising. Not only that, I had realized that I was good at it. I had found my calling. The feeling was surreal.

With this realization, I began traveling to different cities across the United States for over 3 years. Again and again, I would repeat this process–refining it little by little along the way.

I continued promoting sales events via my employer through college. Often our campaigns would pack stores with customers to the point where they would need police on hand to direct traffic.  One store was actually shut down by the fire marshal, because the occupancy level became so high. We had a second week of promotions pushed back, because clients blew through inventory faster than our client could restock.

I eventually obtained a degree in Management Information Systems and decided to start my own business providing the same services. It was a natural progression. I had developed many relationships over the years, and I was able to apply what I had learned in school to my business and address some pain points my predecessors had not yet been able to address.

Since then, not only have we developed proprietary¬†software that helps us manage campaigns across the United States and Canada, we have become full-service–offering digital marketing and large format printing. Today, we are able to support all of our clients’ advertising needs, and we support some of the biggest name brands in their respective industries.

The action of creating measurable advertising campaigns and executing sales events to achieve a result that normally exceeds clients’ expectations continues to excite me and keeps me in this business. Owning my own ad agency allows me to ensure everything is done right. My fingerprint is still on every campaign we execute for every client. With that said, I am highly detail-oriented, and I thrive on fast-paced, mission execution that produces measurable results. My favorite word, in-fact, is attribution.


Gregory Bondzeit
Frontline Media Solutions.